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Calogero Di Liberto

This album collects six pieces adapting operatic themes for the pianoforte, including one arrangement written by Calogero Di Liberto himself.

1 Mozart – Liszt Reminiscenze dal Don Giovanni

2 Verdi – Liszt Parafrasi da concerto sul Rigoletto

3 Bellini – Liszt Reminiscenze da Norma

4 Wagner – Liszt Isoldes Liebestod da Tristan und Isolde

5 Bizet – Busoni Kammerfantasie über Carmen

6 Mascagni – Di Liberto Fantasia sulla Cavalleria Rusticana

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This album collates an outstanding selection of works by American composer Karim Al-Zand, performed by various artists. It opens with the Pattern Preludes which Al-Zand composed specifically for Calogero Di Liberto.

1. Pattern Preludes, Book I: I, Calogero Di Liberto

2. Pattern Preludes, Book I: II, Calogero Di Liberto

3. Pattern Preludes, Book I: III, Calogero Di Liberto

4. Pattern Preludes, Book I: IV, Calogero Di Liberto

5. Pattern Preludes, Book I: V, Calogero Di Liberto

6. Pattern Preludes, Book I: VI, Calogero Di Liberto

7. Leila, Enso String Quartet

8. Lamentation on the Disasters of War, Enso String Quartet

9. Duet: I Mollie Marcuson, Abhijit Sengupta

10. Duet: II Mollie Marcuson, Abhijit Sengupta

11. Duet: III Mollie Marcuson, Abhijit Sengupta

12. Duet: IV Mollie Marcuson, Abhijit Sengupta

13. Tableau and Details: Tableau, The Fischer Duo

14. Tableau and Details: Detail 1, The Fischer Duo

15. Tableau and Details: Detail 2, The Fischer Duo

16. Tableau and Details: Detail 3, The Fischer Duo

17. Tableau and Details: Detail 4, The Fischer Duo

18. Tableau and Details: Tableau (reprise), The Fischer Duo

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